Cinemas and auditoriums are constantly evolving, and new designs introduce new challenges. One of the recent trends stadium seating has changed the geometry of auditoriums, specifically the relative position of the audience to the screen, speakers, walls and ceiling. Some of the sound reproduction challenges that come with stadium seating include:

  • The more vertical orientation of the seating area makes it difficult to obtain an even sound-pressure level throughout the auditorium.
  • The rear rows of seats are typically just feet away from the surround speakers, making the levels too loud,
  • Stage speakers need higher dispersion angles for the high frequencies to reach all customers.

A frequent consequence of poor isolation is an inadequate number of subwoofers for the auditorium size. The proper number of subwoofers (with sufficient amplifier power) is critical to the reproduction of the sub frequency information. Having too few can cause the expensive subwoofer drivers to blow during loud soundtrack sections. These are just some of the challenges facing today's auditorium audio visual designer. Trust API to create a plan and implement the best set up for your auditorium.

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